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Warehouse and Industrial Lightning

Do you have an industrial space or a warehouse as part of your business? If you do, then you know that having proper lighting is essential for these spaces when it comes to safety and efficiency. You need to make sure there is plenty of light for your employees to see what they are doing, and that the lights are safe and up to code.

We can provide you with installation, repairs, upgrades, and testing to ensure the quality of your lighting. If you are unsure of just what you need, we can also provide you with advice that will work for the type of building you have. We offer a range of options, and we understand that each building, and each company, may have unique needs and requirements. Regardless of how large or small the building might be, the professionals at Hilton Electrical have you covered.

If you already have your lighting system set up on the property, you should still make it a point to get in touch with us. We can come out and provide an inspection and can find any potential problems that might arise in the future. We can then provide you with advice on how to handle these issues, and take care of the problems for you.

Saving Energy

In addition to ensuring that you have safe lighting and that it provides you with enough light to make your company more efficient, we can also help with energy costs. Today, going green and saving money are important to most companies, and when you utilize lighting with lower wattage, it can mean substantial energy savings.

One of the best options to consider is to start using high-quality LED lighting. When you use these types of lights, you have the potential to save up to 80% of your lighting costs. It can even help you to save money when it comes to maintenance of your lighting.

Consider the type of lighting that you have in your space right now. Many companies are still using metal halide lamps, which were very popular. However, these are often up to 400W, which means you are wasting quite a bit of energy. By switching to LED lights, which are between 90W and 150W, you can enjoy large savings. However, you need to make sure that the lights are still capable of providing you with enough illumination. We can help to make sure that the lights are at the proper height and that you are not giving up light to save money. These lights are certainly worth considering, and we can help you to make all of the needed changes.

You never want to forego safety with your lighting, and you and your employees deserve the very best. Please get into contact with Hilton Electrical today so we can help.

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