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Are you suffering from power outages in your home? While it might be a problem with the power company, it could also be other problems, including faulty appliances or a general power problem with your electrical system. As appliances start to age, even though they might seem to be working, they will start to wear out. These older appliances can cause shorts in the electrical system, which will turn off the power to prevent fires and other problems. Of course, having the power go out because you have an old dryer is not convenient.

Both age and damage to an appliance can cause them to become faulty. Rodents and other pests can cause issues with the appliances, and in most cases, the owners are not aware until something goes wrong. Short circuits are common in those cases, and since they are RCDs required in homes today, there are thankfully fewer electrical fires and electrocutions due to these types of problems. Still, this will trip the breaker, and that will cause the power to go off. If this is happening often, it gets annoying very quickly.

What Should You Do?

If your home is experiencing this type of problem with intermittent power outages, and you believe that an appliance could be at fault, you should unplug your appliance, just so there are no further problems. The next order of business is to get in touch with Hilton Electrical. We can head out to your residence and check to see what the actual problem might be, and whether it is the fault of one of your appliances or not.

Finding the appliance that is causing the issue can be difficult. This is because so many households today utilize so many different appliances. It could take forever for you to find the culprit on your own. However, we have specialised equipment and tests that we can run on the appliances, which will let us know very quickly which appliance is causing the problem, if any. We can also check to see if there might be other problems in the electrical system that are causing issues instead, whether they are electrical switches, or old and faulty wiring.

Trying to take care of this problem on your own is difficult, and it can be dangerous. Those who do not have experience with electrical systems could end up injuring themselves or worse. They could put their lives and their homes at risk. You want to work with the best, and Hilton Electrical has the specialists who have the knowledge and experience to help. Call us on 6350 0900 if you are having any problems with your electrical system so we can help.

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