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Electrical Certificate of Compliance

In Western Australia, all electricians or electrical contractors must be licensed. Also, Energy Safety requires them to provide an Electrical Certificate of Compliance upon completing all electrical works. Additionally, this certificate is a requirement when selling a property in WA. An Electrical Certificate of Compliance in WA states that the electrical set-up and infrastructure is safe.

As a leading electrician in the Perth area, Hilton Electrical provides an Electrical Certificate of Compliance after completing every job, whether it’s electrical installation or maintenance work.

The Importance of An Electrical Certificate of Compliance WA

Below are some things you may need to know about the certificate and how we can help you.

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance is proof that the electrical set-up and any work complies with appropriate state and federal safety standards. The benefits of receiving an Electrical Certificate of Compliance in WA include:

  • Peace of mind because you know that the electrician completed the job according to Australian safety standards.
  • Indicator of electrician’s competence. It is also proof that they are responsible for the work as indicated in the certification.
  • Protects the electrician by stating the work they’ve undertaken.
  • Allows regulators to audit, regulate and verify the electrical work easily.

Only a registered electrician and electrical contractor can issue an Electrical Certificate of Compliance in WA.

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When Do You Need an Electrical Certificate of Compliance?

Federal and state authorities require licensed electricians to provide a compliance certificate after completing any electrical work in a home, industrial, commercial, or gas and oil location. You will also get a certificate for a new electrical installation or modification of electrical wiring. However, electrical repairs don’t generally require a certificate.

Installation of new electrical appliances requires certification to show that a licensed electrician did the task correctly. Installations that require compliance certificates include solar panels, air conditioning units, dishwashers, ovens and hot water systems.

The certificate is proof that the electrician completed the task in compliance with both electricity safety regulations and the Electricity Safety Act.

When Hilton Electrical performs electrical work at your home or business, we are required to submit a certification. Our team will look after everything from the time you employ our services to issuing compliance certificates.

How to Get Your Certificate of Compliance

Our electricians will provide our clients with a copy of the certificate after completing the job. The certificate will have the following information:

  • Name and address of the client
  • Details of the job and tests undertaken
  • Electricians’ licence number
  • Electrical contractor’s licence number.

Professional Electricians Your Can Rely On

Hilton Electrical are leading electricians you can trust with your safety. We can carry out all types of electrical installation and repairs, including 24/7 emergency services. Contact us today for more information about the Electrical Certificate of Compliance. Our friendly customer service team is more than happy to help you with your electrical problems and questions.

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