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Does your building contain exit lighting and emergency lighting? If you have emergency lights in your building, do you know how long ago it was since they were last tested? Are you in need of this type of lighting for your building? Whether you need installation or testing of your lighting, be sure you are working with a quality company that has the knowledge and experience you require, and works with the items you need. Now, let’s get a better understanding of just what emergency and exit lighting is.

What Is Emergency and Exit Lighting?

Exit lighting is commonly seen over doors, or it could be a sign that points in the direction of the exit that is the closest. Some of the emergency and exit lights are powered all the time, and these are likely the ones with which you are most familiar. Other emergency lights will only come on in the event of a power failure.

An emergency light that stays on all the time features two bulb sets in them. One will operate with the normal building power. The other will use an internal battery. This second bulb is low voltage, so it will not use up the energy in the internal battery as quickly.

Emergency lighting and emergency light testing is essential for nearly every type of building out there, and it is certainly a staple feature of commercial buildings. There are some similarities to emergency lighting, but there is a difference.

A true emergency lighting system will provide an area with basic lighting when the power has gone out. The emergency lighting will typically only be in certain areas of the building, such as above the stairs, so it can allow people to move on them safely. They are also often located in bathrooms. Once you have this lighting installed, you will need to have it tested regularly. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that the emergency lighting system will work well in the event of a true power outage and when you need it the most.

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Exit and Emergency Lighting Installation and Testing

If you are in a brand-new building and you need to have exit or emergency lighting installed, do not delay. Get in touch with quality, experienced electrical specialists, such as those from Hilton Electrical on 6350 0900. You might not need to have an emergency lighting system. You may merely need to have the lighting tested. Again, you will want to work with the professionals to help you with this. A professional can also make sure your company and building are up to the latest codes and requirements when it comes to your exit and emergency lighting.

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