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Preventative Maintenance

Your business needs to have electrical equipment that is reliable and that works when you need it to work. That’s why you should be sure to work with a quality company like Hilton Electrical to help take care of your preventative electrical maintenance needs. Once you have your electrical equipment installed, we can provide you with a service schedule so there is never any guesswork on when you need your equipment serviced. Of course, every company has different needs, and we strive to provide you with that your company needs.

Types of Maintenance

We can provide you with a range of different types of maintenance for your equipment including appliance testing and tagging, thermal imaging, RCD testing, emergency lights testing, UPS (uninterruptable power supply) battery testing and operation, and more.

The amount of service and maintenance these items need will rely on a range of factors. What are the regulations and compliance requirements for your industry, for example? We can provide you with a schedule that will work for your needs, and we can provide you with a reminder to let you know when it is time to have that maintenance completed. Our goal is to make things as easy for you as possible so you do not neglect to have the maintenance you need.

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When Should You Have Your Equipment Checked?

While you may have various compliance and regulation factors you need to meet, there are also other times that it makes a lot of sense to have your equipment tested. For example, if you have had a large storm event in your area, there is always a chance that it could have caused some type of an issues with the electrical systems or equipment that you have in your business. Having a test after large events like this can give you some additional peace of mind.

If there has been an accident at your business that could have been caused because of a problem with one of more of the electronics devices or systems, it could also be a good idea to have professionals come and visit to see if there are any lingering issues.

Those who are going to buy a business, or a home for that matter, should also make sure they are in touch with expert electricians. We can provide you with a look at the electrical system in the property you are considering buying before you spend your money. You can learn whether there are already problems on the property, and what types of issues you might have. It is always better to know these things before you buy.

When you have expert electrical specialists testing and providing your site with preventative electrical maintenance, it will allow you to rest much easier at night. Contact Hilton Electrical on 6350 0900 today.

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