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Got a power outage and need urgent help? Hilton Electrical are emergency electricians in Perth who can respond quickly. If you have an emergency, our expert Perth electricians will come to you and fix the problem.

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We understand more than anyone that electrical problems can happen at any time. That’s why our fully qualified and licensed electricians are available  to assist. You can be rest assured no matter what your electrical problem is we can help you.

Our expert Perth electricians can help with any electrical fault including power outlets, appliances, lighting, smoke alarms, RCDs and much more. Just remember, if your circuits are tripping regularly, you spot any faulty wiring or smell burning from electrical components please call the professionals and don’t try to touch anything yourself. That’s what we’re here for!

If you have an electrical emergency, give our friendly team a call at 1300 TRADIES and we’ll be at your door as soon as humanly possible.

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Our highly qualified and licensed electricians are packed and ready to go at any time. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The Entire Perth Metro Area

From Two Rocks to Mandurah, there’s nowhere we won’t go in the Perth metro area to fix electrical problems and keep you and your family safe.

Fast & Responsive

As soon as you’ve called our team to report the problem, we’ll dispatch the next available van straight to your address. We’ll be there as soon as we possibly can to lend a helping hand.

Rated 4.8* from 400+ Reviews

Rated at 4.8 stars with over 400 reviews, we are Perth’s affordable electricians that you can trust like you can trust your best mate.

Frequently Asked Emergency Electrician Questions

If you often have issues with outlets not working, fuses blowing, or all your power just going out, it’s time to contact a Perth emergency electrician. Frequent problems indicate that there is something in your system that is incorrectly wired. This could lead to dangerous situations if it isn’t dealt with very soon, so the best thing to do is get in touch with Hilton Electrical.

Call a Perth emergency electrician if you experience one of the following:

  • Circuit breakers tripping regularly
  • Frayed or faulty wiring
  • Burning smells
  • Rust or wetness in electrical outlets or circuits
  • Flickering lights
  • Repeated power outages

If you have electrical problems, and your investigation reveals rust on the circuit panel or any sort of wetness around electrical parts such as outlets or circuits, call Hilton Electrical for emergency electricians in Perth on 6350 0900. This is a major fire hazard, and you need to have the source identified so it can be eliminated. In discovering the problem and replacing the rusty parts, our expert electricians could be saving you from a serious disaster. Hilton’s qualified electricians can quickly, safely and professionally fix any electrical problems we identify in your domestic or commercial property.

If you’ve felt a small electrical shock coming from an outlet when you plug something in, call Hilton Electrical on 6350 0900 immediately. This could be a sign that there is something overloaded in the system, or some improper wiring is going on. In either case, it could lead to deadly consequences. Emergency electricians should be called to ensure that you and your family are safe in your home, and to prevent sudden sparks from catching your house on fire.

Hilton Electrical have Perth emergency electricians available during business hours and can quickly respond to emergency electrical problems. Call Hilton Electrical today on 1300 TRADIES.

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