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TV Wall Mounting Perth

Today’s TVs have become slimmer and slimmer. New LED technology combined with bezel-less designs mean that televisions are almost as thin as paper, yet capable of incredible resolutions. This shift has altered the way that Perth-area residents set up their TV viewing areas.

Once, TVs were large and bulky, often being contained in their own cabinets – furniture in their own right. Then came the age of TVs that needed an entertainment centre for support. Today’s televisions are different, though. Yes, they can be installed on an entertainment centre, but that can ruin your home’s aesthetic. TV wall mounting allows you to put your new television anywhere, and never have to worry about how much space will be taken up by the stand or entertainment unit.

The Challenge with TV Wall Mounting

While TV wall mounting is possible with almost any flat-screen television, it is not simple, which is something that many homeowners find to their dismay. For stability, it is vital that TV wall mounting installations be done professionally – the TV must be mounted to a sturdy frame, which is itself anchored to the wall studs.

In addition to the challenge of getting the mounting frame in the right position and level, and then getting the TV on the frame, you also need to consider other issues, such as routing for wiring. Today’s TVs require a wide range of wires and cables, such as:

All of those cables will be visible, and they will be an eyesore. A professional service such as Hilton Electrical can ensure that not only is your TV firmly anchored and mounted at the perfect angle for viewing, but that all of your cables are completely tucked away out of sight.

Whether you are interested in basic Perth TV wall mounting, have a challenging install because of brick walls, need additional TV points in your home, or want TV wall mounting and a full home theatre set up, we can help. Contact Hilton Electrical today on 6350 0900 to schedule an in-home assessment.

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TV Wall Mounting FAQs

Mounting a TV on your wall usually takes an hour or two if you have the bracket and wall ready. However, for more advanced setups such as hiding cables tilted walls, it could take a qualified electrician longer.

Mounting a TV on drywall is a bit more difficult as incorrect mounting could damage the wall, TV and any residents near the TV when it falls. To correctly mount a TV on drywall, speak to a qualified electrician who can find your wall studs and safely mount your TV.

To mount your TV to a wall, you’ll need to find a TV mount suitable for your application. The required mount depends on the size of your TV and the type of wall it will be installed on. Chat to Hilton Electrical for an up-front cost and have your TV professionally mounted.

While most TVs (particularly flat-screen TVs) can be wall-mounted, not all wall mounts will suit every TV. To ensure you have the correct mount for your TV and wall and it is installed safely and correctly, speak to the experienced electricians at Hilton Electrical.

There are a few calculations to work out the ideal height for a wall-mounted TV which require the TV size, viewing distance and seating position. If you have a rough plan on how you want your room to be set up, chat to a licenced electrician today and receive an up-front quote and advice.

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