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RCDs & Security Cameras Perth

A mate would would help you and protect your most valuable asset – your home. Hilton Electricians Perth offer a range of electrical security services including:

  • RCDs / safety switches
  • Smoke detectors & alarms
  • Security cameras / CCTV


The importance of protecting your family, friends and your greatest financial asset, your home is clear. In fact RCDs are now required in Perth so it’s necessary to get them installed, as well as regularly checked and serviced. If you didn’t have these items fitted to your home, every electrical appliance could be a potentially fatal risk. RCDs provide additional electrical safety to your home, ensuring the electrical supply is cutoff if there is a leak in electrical energy. These leaks, even low-level can lead to electrocution as well as fire. It is vital they are installed, and you can ensure your mates Hilton Electrical can get them fitted and tested professionally and quickly.

Smoke Detectors & Alarms

Similar to RCDs, smoke detectors and smoke alarms improve the safety of your home and can help prevent potentially deadly or highly damaging fires. These fire warning systems can most importantly help evacuate you and your family with enough time in case of a large fire, or soon enough to prevent a small fire turning into a large and destructive one. As they are so important in safety for Perth residents, it is now mandatory to have them hardwired into the property. In new homes they are installed with the mains ensuring they still work in spite of power failures. This also means they need to be professionally fitted and tested, which is why us at Hilton Electrical are here to help. If you already have them installed and can’t remember the last time you had them tested, it’s probably time so be sure¬† to book an appointment with us for that extra peace of mind.

Security Cameras & CCTV

With many affordable security cameras and remote monitoring systems available these days, this kind of system is becoming more and more popular.¬†They provide that extra peace of mind knowing that potential burglars or vandals are caught on tape and hard evidence of them can be provided to police. There are many types of systems that can be installed, but wired systems are the most reliable. These types of systems required a licensed and professional electrician to install, so it’s best to get in touch with your mates at Hilton Electrical to find out what’s required. Call us on 6350 0900 or submit an online quote today to set up an extra level of security for you, your family and your home.

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