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Outdoor Lighting Perth

When it comes to illuminating homes, offices, retail space, and even warehouse facilities, most of the focus is given to the interior. That’s as it should be. However, you cannot afford to ignore the exterior. At Hilton Electrical, we offer a wealth of exterior lighting options that can add usability, visibility, and even additional security and peace of mind.

Understanding Your Lighting Options

There are numerous choices available when it comes to exterior lighting, although whether you are installing outdoor lighting on your home, a commercial business, or an industrial facility will have an impact on the choices available to you.

Wall Light Choices – Wall light fixtures can be utilised for numerous purposes, from providing additional illumination for outdoor walkways to floodlights for security purposes. Outdoor light fixtures can be installed beside doorways to tie into an existing aesthetic while simultaneously providing light for those entering or exiting a building and they can be decorative or utilitarian.

Ceiling Lights – Ceiling lights can be installed on porches and other covered outdoor areas to provide illumination. These fixtures can be flush mounted, or they can be pendant lights depending on the design of the home or business.

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Exterior Lighting Options

String Lights – Outdoor string lights offer a unique aesthetic appeal and are being used more and more frequently by both homeowners and business owners. They make an excellent choice for any outdoor seating areas (restaurants), but also to illuminate patio areas, outdoor kitchens, and other residential areas.

Lawn Lighting – Exterior lighting can be installed in a home’s yard or on a business’ grounds and used for numerous purposes. For instance, on a Perth estate, lawn lighting might be used to highlight specimen trees or to illuminate walkways and paths. For a Perth-area business, lawn/grounds lighting may be used as security precautions, or to illuminate a business’ sign.

Lighting Technology – You will find a number of exterior lighting technology options available. At Hilton Electrical, we can offer conventional incandescent lights, as well as power-saving options such as CFL bulbs, and even LEDs that offer a tremendous use life and reduced power consumption.

Whatever your needs might be in exterior lighting, we can help. Call Hilton Electrical today on 6350 0900.

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