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Switch Board Upgrades

A switch board is a device that can control and distribute electricity to different parts of your facility. It features several parts including the Main Switch, Circuit breakers and switches, and Residual Current Devices. You need the switch board in your business to function perfectly. However, you may occasionally need repairs or upgrades to ensure things are working properly.

Repairs and Upgrades

You might find that you have issues with the power supply you are using. Sometimes, the cause could be due to old wiring or faulty wiring. Both can quickly become a serious problem. Perhaps you only need to have partial rewiring at the facility. You might need to have full rewiring. Regardless, you will need to have help from the professionals at Hilton Electrical to ensure your wiring is done properly.

The circuit breakers and the RCDs (safety switches) could have issues, as well. You want to make sure they are working correctly and that they are up to date. If you have old and faulty safety switches and breakers, it could lead to an increased risk of shock or electrical fires. Have them checked and upgraded before they become a problem for you.

If you have issues with your power supply, it could be due to faults somewhere in the system. These are impossible for you to find on your own, but we have the technology and experience to located them and deal with them quickly and easily. For more problematic issues, we can provide you with advice on the best solutions.

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Danger of Faulty Switch Board

Those who have faulty switchboards will find that they are dangerous to anyone who might use them. The fault could be something simple, such as a problem fuse that no longer works. It could be far more dangerous, though. If your switchboard is having any problems, you should not ignore them. Get into contact with Hilton Electrical on 6350 0900 for help as soon as you can.

In addition, we can offer safety checks for the switch board. These are helpful when you feel there could be a problem, when you are buying or selling a property, and when you need to make sure everything is working properly and up to code. The same is true if you are going to have any renovations on your property.

While the switch board may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to your business, it is something you can’t ignore and that you should never forget about. Get in touch with Hilton Electrical today, so we can give your property an evaluation and so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

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